Scoot just received their third 787-9!
Singapore based airlines “Scoot” (IATA: TZ. ICAO: SCO) established in 2012 under its mother company Singapore Airlines. Scoot is the first Low Cost Carrier (LCC) that use ONLY wide body jet. Currently it has 4 Boeing 777-200ER and 4 787-9 Dream)Liner. 7 more 787 are still on order (5 -8 version and 2 -9 version)
DSC04189(E2) DSC04317(E2) DSC04320(E2) DSC04328(E2) DSC04351(E2) DSC04358(E2) DSC04363(E2) DSC04369(E2) DSC04380(E2) DSC04383(E2) DSC04385(E4) DSC04390(E2)